Fiddler on the Roof – Adult Female – Drama

“Golde! Golde! I have such news for you.” From the musical, “Fiddler on the Roof.” Yente the Matchmaker comes to deliver news to Golde about a potential match for her eldest daughter Tzeitel. But, she gets caught up in her own head before she can remember the news. Ideal for Adult Females, 45-75 – 1-2 Minutes.


Golde! Golde! I have such news for you. And not every-day-of-the-week news…Once-in-a-lifetime news! Hmm… Such diamonds, such jewels. I’ll find a husband for every one of them. But you shouldn’t be so picky, right?

Of course right! Because, after all, even the worst husband, God forbid is better than no husband, God forbid! And who should know better than me? Ever since my husband died, I’ve been a poor widow. All alone, no-one to talk to, nothing to say to anyone.

All I do at night is think of him. And even thinking of him gives me no pleasure. But what’s the use complaining? Other women enjoy complaining, but not Yente! Not every woman in the world is a Yente! Well, I must prepare my poor Sabbath table, so goodbye, Golde, and it was a pleasure talking our hearts out to each other.

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