St. Valentine’s Day – Female Teen – Comedy

“Say, Aunt Elinor, I’ve been reading an awfully interesting book.” from the play, “St. Valentine’s Day” Letty, with the excitement and attention span reserved for youth, tells Elinor about how she is passing the time. Ideal for teenage females ranging from 13-19. 1-2 Mins.

Written By: Annie Eliot


Say, Aunt Elinor, I’ve been reading an awfully interesting book.

Oh, I’ve forgotten the name of it, but it is awfully interesting. It’s all about broken engagements and misunderstandings, and they go to the most elegant ball, and he sends her the loveliest flowers out of his own greenhouse, you know.

I’ve forgotten what kind of flowers it is, but it is some particular kind, you know, that means something. It’s a sort of queer name. I wish I could think of it, so if anybody ever sent me any I’d know what it was.

It was in England, you know, at a manor house. I wish I could think of it. It isn’t ylang ylang, you know, but–anyway, it’s just as good.

I’ve forgotten what it meant anyway, so I guess I wouldn’t know. Well, he sends them to her, you know, and she doesn’t wear them — oh! there’s somebody else in the house that’s in love with him too, and she interferes — I think she mixes up the flowers, or something — she’s an awfully mean old thing, and I should think he’d have seen through her in a minute, and known she — the other one — wanted to wear the flowers — I would, I know, wouldn’t you, Aunt Elinor? Well, it makes an awful lot of trouble anyway, and he quarrels with her, the nice one, you know, and goes off with the other. She has the most perfectly lovely dress at the ball — all kind of weird and serpent-like and glittering, you know, and oh! I was dreadfully afraid he was going to propose to her — wouldn’t it have been perfectly awful if he had, Aunt Elinor?


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