The Parking Lot – Adult Female – Drama 2

“Checklist version twelve” from the play ‘The Parking Lot’. J considers what she longs for in a partner as she reviews her checklist. Ideal for adult females, 30-50 – 1-2 Minutes.

By: Adam Szymkowicz


Checklist version twelve
Do they
make me laugh
make me dinner
excite me sexually
dance for me
read to me
sing to me?
Are they
well dressed
well informed
fun to be around
good with pets
good with children
good with houseplants
good at rock climbing
smarter than me
dumber than me
older than me
younger than me
wiser than me
taller than me?

Would you miss them?

Do you love them?
Do they smell good?
Do they say excuse me?
Do they seem happy to see you?
Do they know all your passwords?

Is this list too long?

Am I asking too much?

Do they know you?
Do you know them?
Do they make you think?
Do they make you wonder?
Do they make you happy?
Do they make you happy?
Do they make you happy?


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