The Parking Lot – Adult Female – Drama 3

“I have to step out of this play for a minute.” From the play, ‘The Parking Lot’. J contemplates what she truly wants in this address to the audience. Ideal for adult females, 30-50 – 1-2 Minutes.

By: Adam Szymkowicz

I have to step out of this play for a minute.

It’s hard for me to dream right now. Nothing seems possible.

I want to be special like everyone else but unlike everyone else I know I’m not. I mean maybe I could have been at one point. I act of course and I think I’m good, and I do work at that but I wonder about other things. Studying to be a great artist or dancer. Or a doctor. If I had put in the effort. Woke up early and practiced like olympians do. But I never would have been that probably. Not really. So I’m just normal. Like you. And you. And you. And you.

But what I want is to daydream. I want time to read and look at the sky and read poems and I want to not be afraid. Can we just for one day put all the anxiety away and pretend we don’t have to worry about money or living up to our potential or how to be human and just be. I want to just be and not feel guilty about it. Can I?




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