The Parking Lot – Adult Male – Dramatic

“Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate J today,” from the play “The Parking Lot”. Terry delivers a eulogy in this play about a couple who decides their fate in a parking lot. Ideal for Adult Males, 30-60. 1-2 Min.

By: Adam Szymkowicz


Thanks everybody for coming here to celebrate J today. J is . . . was spectacular. But you already know that. You all have your own stories probably about amazing things she did to help you move or get over a breakup or sat with you and held your hand that one time in the hospital. But I want to tell you about something you might not know about. I want to tell you about the notes. Because she leaves notes everywhere.

To tell me things of course, like “Went for a run.” Or “Pick up dry cleaning.” But also, among the forks, you might find, “Remember the universe is infinite.” You might find quotes from Shakespeare or from books or movies. You might find a thought about something out of context. You might find a love note for you among the frozen peas. You might see a picture and some words in French on the back. A quote from Plato. A memory about J’s mom. A tiny watercolor in a cardboard frame. A collage on a three by five card. A poem.

And you know even now, I bet I’ll still find one in a shoe I haven’t worn in a while or at the bottom of my shirt drawer, under the sink, behind all the cleaning supplies, behind the couch maybe. And each note will be a new treasure, a piece of J I can still have. But there will be no new notes. And because of that, I may never recover.


Link to full play here:

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