SHREK JR – Kid Male – Comedic

SHREK JR – Lord Farquaad tortures information out of Gingy. Comedic Monologue for Kid Male. 1 Min.

FARQUAAD: Listen cookie, you still haven’t told me where the princess is. Oh, she’s in a dragon-guarded castle surrounded by hot lava. Well that sounds dangerous. She’s in the highest room in the tallest tower, you say? The Princess Fiona with fiery red hair. Ooo, Princess Fiona, she sounds perfect. Except for that dragon and lava thing. I’ll have to find someone else to go rescue her. Captain, round up your men, summon the citizens and bring that cookie to the swamp. Thelonius, tell the royal coiffuer I need to get my hair pressed. We’re going to get a queen.

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