SHREK JR – Kid Female – Dramatic

SHREK JR – Fiona reveals that she’s an ogre to Donkey. Dramatic Monologue for Kid Female. 1 Min.

FIONA: Donkey, it’s okay! Shhh! Donkey, I am the princess. It’s me – in this body. No, I didn’t eat the princess. “By day one way by night another – this shall be the norm until you find true loves first kiss, and then take loves true form” No, Donkey it’s not a poem it’s a curse. I’ve had it since I was a girl. A witch cast a spell on me. So now every night, when the sun goes down I become this . . . this horrible, ugly beast. Donkey, if lord Farquaad finds out I look like this, he’ll never marry me. I have to kiss my true love. The kiss is the only thing that will break the spell and make me beautiful. Tell Shrek? No! He can’t know! And you can’t tell him! No one must ever know! Promise you won’t tell.

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