AMERICAN CRIME – Teen/Young Adult Male – Dramatic

AMERICAN CRIME – Taylor confronts his former guardian after he finds out that Taylor is gay. Dramatic Monologue for Teen/Young Adult Male Actor. 1 Min.

TAYLOR: I wanted to talk. I messed up. Lied.

Mom’s got problems. You know that. She’s never home. She, um, she can’t let go. They’re making her— they are making her crazy.

Remember we used to go to the Colts games? Every time you could you’d take me. Remember we stopped going? I stopped wanting to go. Do you know why? They were playing the Packers one time; they were getting— getting killed.

And you started screaming, “stop playing like queers, quit playing like a bunch of queers,” loud as you could, over and over, right in front of my face. Same man who spent 8 months raising me, screaming about queers. Do you remember that game, Nate? I remember that game.

I’m talking with someone and he tells me I’ve got to… confront things. So… I’m confronting things.

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