AMERICAN HORROR STORY – Teen/Young Adult Female – Dramatic

AMERICAN HORROR STORY – Vivien questions her sanity. Dramatic Monologue For Teen/Young Adult Female Actor. 1 Min.

VIVIEN: It’s my own fault. I read labels on everything and then when it really counted, I just didn’t. I just followed directions blindly. My doctor gave me a prescription last week for a drug for nausea, and I just checked it on the internet and it says that it can cause fevers, and seizures and, umm, vision changes. It’s the only explanation for all the crazy stuff that’s been happening. My doctor never even told me about the side effects. My mind is playing tricks on me, Moira. I’m literally seeing things. And everybody thinks I’m crazy. I know Ben does, I know it. and I’ve been too embarrassed to call Luke. I had no idea.

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