MATILDA THE MUSICAL – Male Kid – Comedic

MATILDA THE MUSICAL – Bruce tells the story of the time he stole a chocolate cake. Comedic Monologue For Male Kid Actor. 2-3 Min.

BRUCE: Okay, look, alright, I stole the cake. And honestly I was really, definitely, sort of almost thinking about owning up… maybe? But the thing was I was having a lot of trouble with my belly. You see, the Trunchbull’s cake was so good that I’d scoffed it down too quick and now it was beginning to fight back.

His belly rumbles.

Ooops. See?

Rumble. Bruce lets out a truly enormous burp, but really, really enormous, it goes on for ever. It hovers above him.

It was the biggest burp I had ever done. It was the biggest burp I had ever heard, the biggest burp I had ever heard about. It was like the entire world went silent for that burp to exist, as a huge cloud of chocolaty gas wafted from my mouth and drifted… across the class…

It drifts across the class.

Past Lavender… Past Alice… Past Matilda…

Drifts past Matilda

…and then, my great big beautiful chocolaty burp, which now seemed to have a mind of its own, wafted full into the face of the Trunchbull.

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