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“It isn’t that, with me. I can’t write….” from the play, “The Genius” The boy must stay in the mix of all going on artistically. The man advises he could do a new drama. Ideal for Teenage Males ranging from 13-19. 1-2 Mins. Written By: Horace Holley THE BOY: It isn’t that, with me. I can’t […]

“You take me out?” from the film “American Graffiti” After her longtime boyfriend Steve tells her he’s leaving town to go to college, Laurie tries to pretend she doesn’t care. Ideal for Teen Females. 1-2 Mins. Written By: George Lucas, Gloria Katz  and Willard Huyck You take me out? When we first met you didn’t have enough […]

DROP DEAD JULIET – Juliet confronts the audience about a better story than “Romeo and Juliet.” Comedic Monologue for Teen Female. 1 Min. Juliet: Did I say Quit? Did anyone say quit? I’m not quitting. I just want a better story. More love. Less death. I’m sure we can figure out a better story if […]

CHARLOTTE’S WEB – Fern names the pig she rescued. Comedic Monologue for Kid Female. 1 Min. FERN: My very own pig! Now I have to name you. A perfect name for a perfect pig. Fred. That’s a good name…but not for you. Clarence…no, you don’t look like a Clarence…. Maximillion. Because you’re worth a million to me. […]

BYE BYE BIRDIE JR – Mama (Mrs. Peterson) tells her son about riding the subway. Comedic Monologue for Teen Female. 1 Min. MAMA aka Mrs Peterson: (Albert’s Mother, speaking to him) Don’t worry about me, sonny…. I’m just a little faint from take the subway… (he asks why she didn’t take a taxi) Taxi! What […]

ALICE IN WONDERLAND JR – Queen of Hearts plays croquet with Alice. Dramatic Monologue for Kid Female. >1 Min. QUEEN OF HEARTS: Your way home?! You’ll find my way home or we’ll cut off your head! You’ll be who I say you are and no one else, do you understand? Nothing makes sense here, and […]

WIZARD OF OZ JR – Glinda asks Dorothy her intentions. Dramatic Monologue for Kid/Teen Female. >1 Min. Glinda “Good Witch:” Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Or is that the witch? Well, I’m a little muddled. The munchkins called me because a new witch has dropped a house on the wicked witch […]

WIZARD OF OZ JR – The Wicked Witch plans to take her enemy Dorothy. Dramatic Monologue for Kid/Teen Female. 1 Min. Wicked Witch: Nikko, Nikko! Where is the commander of my aerobatic apes? There you are. I have an important task for you. My enemies are about to enter the Haunted Forest. I want you […]

WINNIE THE POOH KIDS – The Narrator helps Pooh find a note. Comedic Monologue for Kids. >1 Min. NARRATOR: Winnie the Pooh decided that if he knocked, maybe Christopher Robin would hear him. The knocking made a note fall to the ground right at Pooh’s feet. (to POOH) To your left. (POOH looks to his […]

WILLY WONKA KIDS – Violet introduces her “gum-chewing” self. Comedic Monologue for Kid Female. 1 Min. VIOLET: Oh, can it, Ma! You flap your jaws as much as I do… I’m a gum chewer, normally, but when I heard about Wonka’s contest, I laid off the gum and switched to candy bars. Now of course, […]

THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE JR – Millie explains her plan for future wealth. Comedic Monologue for Teen Female. 1 Min. Millie: Hey, I’m broke, not poor. There’s a big difference. Poor sounds permanent, broke can be fixed. I have a plan so far ahead of its time it’s almost too bold, too daring, too new woman! […]

SOUND OF MUSIC – Brigitta tells Maria that her father loves her. Dramatic Monologue for Teen Female. 1 Min. BRIGITTA: (to Maria) Oh, Freulein, Father’s never going to marry her. Why, he couldn’t, because he’s in love with you. … You must know that – Remember the other night when we were all sitting on […]

SLEEPING BEAUTY JR – Fauna comes up with a plan to protect Aurora. Comedic Monologue for Kid Female. >1 Min. FAUNA: Hmm… What about no magic? Maleficent knows it’s our job to protect Aurora with our magic, and that’s what she’ll be looking for. So, why don’t we take the Princess to the old woodcutter’s cottage […]

SLEEPING BEAUTY JR – Maleficent tricks Aurora. Dramatic Monologue for Kid Female. 1 Min. MALEFICENT: Safe at last, indeed! (Placing a hand on AURORA’s shoulder) There, there, dear. (AURORA shrugs her away) Never mind me. What on earth does a beautiful princess like you have to cry about? I have something to take your mind […]

SINGING IN THE RAIN JR – Kathy mistakes movie star Don Lockwood for a criminal. Comedic Monologue for Teen Female. 1 Min. Kathy: Leave me alone. You’re a criminal. I’ve seen that face someplace. You’re a famous gangster. I’ve seen your pictures in the papers — or in the post office, with a lot of […]

SHREK JR – Fiona reveals that she’s an ogre to Donkey. Dramatic Monologue for Kid Female. 1 Min. FIONA: Donkey, it’s okay! Shhh! Donkey, I am the princess. It’s me – in this body. No, I didn’t eat the princess. “By day one way by night another – this shall be the norm until you find […]

MULAN JR – Matchmaker tries to fix Mulan. Comedic Monologue for Kid/Teen Female. >1 Min. MATCHMAKER: (The MATCHMAKER makes notes.) Speaking without permission. Strike one. Hmmm! Too skinny. Humph. Not good for bearing sons. Lack of respect. Strike two. Ruining the Matchmaker’s last good pair of slippers – and her pedicure! Strike three! You clumsy, […]

MULAN JR – Mulan challenges sexism. Dramatic Kid/Teen Monologue. >1 Min. MULAN: Why does it matter if I’m a girl? Isn’t what I can do more important than what I look like? I should have never left home. Maybe I didn’t go just for my father. Maybe what I really wanted was to prove I […]

MOANA JR – Gramma Tala gives Moana directions. Dramatic Monologue for Kid Female. >1 Min. GRAMMA TALA: Moana, I don’t have much time left. See those stars, in the shape of a fishhook? They will lead you to Maui. You can do it. You can. And when you find Maui, you grab him by the […]

MATILDA JR – Ms. Trunchbull addresses the class. Dramatic Monologue for Kid/Teen Female. 1 Min. Miss Trunchbull: Sometimes in life, horrible and unexplainable things happen. These things are a test of character. And I have character! I expect you’re wondering what I’m talking about? A child came to my house. I don’t know how, I […]