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MULAN JR – Mulan challenges sexism. Dramatic Kid/Teen Monologue. >1 Min. MULAN: Why does it matter if I’m a girl? Isn’t what I can do more important than what I look like? I should have never left home. Maybe I didn’t go just for my father. Maybe what I really wanted was to prove I […]

MOANA JR – Gramma Tala gives Moana directions. Dramatic Monologue for Kid Female. >1 Min. GRAMMA TALA: Moana, I don’t have much time left. See those stars, in the shape of a fishhook? They will lead you to Maui. You can do it. You can. And when you find Maui, you grab him by the […]

MATILDA JR – Ms. Trunchbull addresses the class. Dramatic Monologue for Kid/Teen Female. 1 Min. Miss Trunchbull: Sometimes in life, horrible and unexplainable things happen. These things are a test of character. And I have character! I expect you’re wondering what I’m talking about? A child came to my house. I don’t know how, I […]

MADAGASCAR JR – Candy broadcasts the news. Comedic Monologue for Kid Female. 1 Min. Candy Hammernose: This is “The Evening Actions News” with Candy Hammernose… the nose for news. We take you live to Times Square where witnesses her say a zebra has been seen roaming the streets.… this breaking news just in. We are […]

THE LITTLE MERMAID JR – Ariel shows Flounder what she found. Comedic Monologue for Kid Female. >1 Min. Ariel: Oh, Flounder, you really are a guppy! Awww….. You’ll never guess what I found today. Look! (Lifts up a large silver serving fork) Have you ever seen anything so wonderful in your entire life? (Flounder ask […]

LEGALLY BLONDE JR – Paulette does Elle’s hair. Comedic Monologue for Kid/Teen Female. 1 Min. PAULETTE: Hey there! Welcome to the Hair Affair. You’re with Paulette so you’re in good hands. I’m sorta like Allstate, but for hair. (Elle says she wants to dye her blonde hair brunette) What? Brunette? Honey, (gestures to her hair) you’re […]

LEGALLY BLONDE JR – Elle gives her valedictorian speech. Comedic Monologue for Kid/Teen Female. 1 Min. ELLE: On our very first day at Harvard a very wise professor quoted Aristotle, “The law is reason free from passion.” Well, no offense to Aristotle, but in my three years at Harvard I have come to find that passion […]

JUNIE B. JONES JR – Junie B writes a journal entry. Comedic Monologue for Kid Female. >1 Min. JUNIE B: Dear First Grade journal. Yay! Yay! Hooray! Today is the last week before winter break! Winter break is the school word for I gotta get out of this place, I tell you. ‘Cause blabbermouth May […]

INTO THE WOODS JR – Little Red visits her granny. Dramatic Monologue for Kid Female. 1 Min. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: (to the Wolf) Good day, Grandmother. My, Grandmother, you’re looking very strange. What big ears you have. But Grandmother, what big eyes you have! Oh, Grandmother – what a terrible, big, wet mouth you […]

THIS IS OUR YOUTH – Jessica Goldman, an “anxiously insightful” fashion student, comes over and Warren hopes that he can use the money to entice her into bed. 2-3 min. JESSICA: Don’t you guys get into like, comparing notes and stuff? Well…OK…It’s just – This is getting a little weird now, because when I talked to […]

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL JR. – Ms. Darbus leads the class. Comedic Monologue for Kid/Teen Female. 1 Min. Ms Darbus: Well, once again, they forgot to announce the auditions for the winter musical, Juliet and Romeo, written by our very own Kelsi Nielson. It’s a delicious, neo-feminist adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of star-crossed lovers… with […]

RODGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN’S CINDERELLA – Cinderella dreams about the ball. Dramatic Monologue for Kid/Teen Female. 1 Min. CINDERELLA – Every girl is dreaming and wishing she were at the ball tonight. I can’t be there because of my Stepmother… Well, somebody has to mind the house. What can I do? Leave my Stepfamily? I don’t think […]

A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD – Toad talks about his clock. Dramatic Monologue for Kids. >1 Min. TOAD: What time is it? My clock is broken. (listens for reply of 10:00) Ten o’clock is my sad time of day because ten o’clock is when the mail should come. I have never ever gotten a letter. […]

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST JR – Belle returns a book. Comedic Monologue for Kid Female. 1 Min. BELLE: (To the Bookseller) Good Morning! I’ve come to return the book I borrowed. I couldn’t put it down. I wondered if you have got anything new? If not, I will just borrow one I have already read. […]

MARY POPPINS JR. – Mary Poppins shows up at the Banks’ door. Comedic Monologue for Kid/Teen Female. 1 Min.  MARY POPPINS: Mary Poppins: Good morning. I’ve come in answer to the advertisement. George and Winefred Banks live here, do they not? And you are looking for a nanny? Very well, then. Now let’s see. “Play games […]

“Let’s see who their parents are” from the film “Descendants.” Belle looks for the parents of new students at her school. Dramatic Monologue for Kid/Teen Female. >1 Min. Written by: Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott BELLE: Let’s see who their parents are: Cruella de Vil, Jafar, Queen Grimilde, and Maleficent?! The Children of our sworn enemies?! […]

ANNIE JR. – Annie talks about her parents. Dramatic Monologue For Kid Female. >1 Min.  ANNIE: My Mom and Dad left this locket when they left me at the Orphanage. They’re coming back for me. I know I’m really lucky, being here with you for Christmas. But… the one thing I want in all the […]

“You must not fight” from the film “Aristocats.” The Duchess teaches the kittens how to act. Comedic Monologue for Kid Female. >1 Min. Written by: Larry Clemmons, Frank Thompson, Ralph Wright, et. al. DUCHESS: Now kittens, you must not fight. Toulouse! Aristocats do not fight. Aristocats behave like ladies and gentlemen. Now it’s time for your […]

“But it wasn’t a dream” from the film “Wizard of Oz.” Dorothy explains Oz to her family. Dramatic Monologue For Teen Female. 1 Min. Written by: Jack Haley, Robert Lahr, Yip Harburg, et. al. DOROTHY: But it wasn’t a dream. It was a place. And you and you and you…and you were there. But you couldn’t […]

“Can you read my mind?” From the film “Superman.” Lois Lane talks to her love Superman. Dramatic Monologue For Teen/Young Adult Female. 1 Min. Written by: Mario Puzo, David Newman, Leslie Newman, et. al. Lois: Can you read my mind? Do you know what it is you do to me. I don’t know who you are. […]