MARY POPPINS JR. – Kid/Teen Female – Comedic

MARY POPPINS JR. – Mary Poppins shows up at the Banks’ door. Comedic Monologue for Kid/Teen Female. 1 Min. 

MARY POPPINS: Mary Poppins: Good morning. I’ve come in answer to the advertisement. George and Winefred Banks live here, do they not? And you are looking for a nanny? Very well, then. Now let’s see. “Play games all sorts”. Which I most certainly can. “Take us on outings give us treats, “rosy cheeks and fairly pretty”. There’s no objection on that score, I hope. (waits for a response) I’m glad to hear it. You’d like to see my references? Well, I make it a point never to bring references. A very old-fashioned idea to my mind. The best people never require them, now. The best people also give every second Wednesday off from six ‘til late and that is what I will take. I believe a trial period might be wise. I’ll give you one week. I should know by then! I’ll see the children now.

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