THE DESIRE OF DEATH – Teen/Young Adult Male – Dramatic

THE DESIRE OF DEATH – Samuel is telling his friend through video chatting how much he wants to die. Dramatic Monologue For Teen/Young Adult Male. 2 Min.

SAMUEL: Isa… Like I just want to die… I just want to die so much… Just wanna kill myself, with a knife. Oh My God! How great, how great would that be to die, to just die and die. You know the funny thing I always they would be there for me, even when I was as dramatic as possible. It’s not like that…at all. I don’t even know who my true friends are anymore.

Isa, if I had a gun in my hand, I swear I’d blow my brains out so much… so much to just…end life. I hate myself so much. You have no idea how much I hate myself, if only for just one day someone could get a gun and shoot me, how great would that be. How great! To see that bullet go through me and just fall to the floor. How great! How great! How great would that be! How great would it be to open hole in my arm with a large knife until I bleed to DEATH. How great to just…die!

I am so sorry… that you had to hear this. But that’s how I feel. I’ve seen nothing good in my life right now. All I want to go is to heaven… or hell if that is what I deserve. I just want to get out here. I don’t want to be here another day. I’m begging the heavens above and the earth beneath us to kill me! That’s all I want! To die but I won’t get that wish unless, I make it happen.

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