“The Hot Spot” – Teen/Young Adult Female – Dramatic

“I really loved her” From the Movie “The Hot Spot.” Gloria tells Harry how she got blackmailed. Dramatic Monologue For Teen/Young Adult Female. 2-3 Min.

Written by: Nona Tyson and Charles Williams

GLORIA: “Remember I..I started to tell you about…about the girl that I grew up with? What I…what I didn’t tell is that…she killed herself…and Sutton drove her to it. He did it. She was my sister, Harry. I really loved her…She finally told me..She’d been…

She’d been having an affair with a woman who was a teacher of ours. They’d been meeting in Houston. Somehow Sutton found out. He seems to know what people’s weaknesses are. And he was blackmailing her. But I.. I went to her…just to comfort her. Sutton was there. He’d been there the whole time taking pictures of us. He said to Irene he had real pictures now. And what had we been doing in that bedroom we shared when we were girls?

Came to my office after Irene died… looking for money. He had the pictures but he was very clever. He didn’t act like a blackmailer. He whined and he said he felt terrible about what had happened to Irene. That he was a poor man, couldn’t scrape a living in the world. Said it was his only chance for survival. And that if he didn’t have the money, just $500, to leave town, that.. That he would go to my mama, give her the pictures, ask her for the money. I had it there. I gave him the money…he knew that I had taken it. And he asked for more. He kept coming back and I just…couldn’t catch up after a while…

I’m gonna tell Mr. Harshaw. I don’t want Sutton to tell him..I don’t want for anyone else to have to tell him that.”

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