“The Name of the Game Is Kill – Female Kid – Dramatic

“Diz told me…” From the Movie “The Name of the Game is Kill. Nan tells Sym the story of when her father left her family. Dramatic Monologue For Female Kid. 3 Min.

Written by: Gary Crutcher

NAN: I’m sorry. I’m sorry…About making mother hate us. Diz told me. I hate men! Diz says so… Diz told me I shouldn’t trust men… I know the really true story. Do you want to hear?

We, you see… Mother and Father yelled and screamed at each other all the time. She would tell him to go and get a job and he would yell at her that writing his poems and carving his statues were more important to him… He made this one (shows him a statue of Venus de Milo). Isn’t she lovely? Oh, and he was such a wonderful poet. He wrote about the most beautiful things. Things about… about midgets with eye trouble and…little girls with bald heads…. and then one night Mickey and I were in bed but we weren’t asleep..and Diz was awake because… well she was older and she had always homework to do.

Mother and Father were yelling again. And she said that if he didn’t get a job.. that she would burn all of his poems and break all his carvings. And Diz came upstairs in our room and she told us to put our heads under the pillow. She thought I did. But I didn’t. And then I heard Mother and Father run outside. And I heard the car start. And it made a crunching noise. And I head Diz scream. And then I head Father say it’s all right baby. Everything is going to be alright.

And then I didn’t hear anything for a very long time. Except Father driving away in the car. And Diz crying. A long time after that Diz came into our room a she sat on my bed. And she said Father had gone away forever and ever. She said Mother was very upset and she’d have to rest for a few days. And that night Diz slept in our room. And was very quiet. Except once in a while I could hear Diz crying. All that night I could hear the fire burning. And I knew that’s where Mother had thrown all of Father’s poems to burn. (Crying).

And he never came back. Diz and Mother said he’s dead. And I’ve even seen a newspaper story. But I don’t tell them this. But I know he isn’t dead. He’s just somewhere writing beautiful poems that will never burn.

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