“Ellie Parker – Young Adult Females – Comedic

“Hello!  Earth to Ellie. from the film “Ellie Parker.” Ellie and Leslie talk about acting, then they race to see who can cry first. Ideal for Adult Women who range from 20s to 30s. 1 Min.

Written By: Scott  Coffey

Ellie and Leslie:

LESLIE: Hello!  Earth to Ellie.


ELLIE: I’m fine.


LESLIE: Such a liar. What’s the matter?


ELLIE: Everyone had these big personal events, and mine was lame.  I’m an idiot.


LESLIE: That’s ridiculous Ellie, you were very very good today.


ELLIE: Easy for you to say. Yours was huge.  You burnt your house down with your brother. No wonder you’re such a good actress.  You’ve got all this shit in your life that you can just draw from.  It’s deep.  And I’m just like this shallow bird bath.


LESLIE: I made it up.


ELLIE: What?


LESLIE: I made it up. My personal event.


ELLIE: You made up your personal event?


LESLIE: Come on, Ellie, you know I like to practice my accents in class.  Sometimes I make things up so I can practice my acting!


ELLIE: What’s the point? It defeats the purpose!  The whole point is to use something that really happened in your life, and you put it into your acting!


LESLIE: That’s bullshit. The whole method thing is a wank. Sense memory is so self indulgent.


ELLIE: No, it’s not. You draw from your life experience and you put it into your work.  It makes it real.  It makes it honest and that’s how you make a scene work.


LESLIE: Oh bull shit Ellie. Sorry, but how many times are you gonna cry about your drunk mother?  It’s boring.  It’s far more real and truthful and honest to use your imagination.  And it’s limitless.


ELLIE: Let’s try something.




ELLIE: Let’s put your theory to the test.  Let’s see who can cry first.




ELLIE: One the count of three.


LESLIE: Alright.


BOTH: One, two, three…


LESLIE: I’m starting to get one here.


ELLIE: That’s not real though.


LESLIE: Yeah, it is, it’s real.  Look, it’s gonna spill out in a second.


ELLIE: You’re not crying!


LESLIE: You see, now that’s dignified cause I don’t have to use any loud wailing, and it looks like I’m holding back.  My nose is going too.


ELLIE: I’m drawing from my own pain, see.  Look at this, you think that’s faking it?


LESLIE: I think it gets a little embarrassing.  I think there’s something kind of dignified about holding back and letting one just kind of spill out gently.  It’s something real, Ellie.  Oh! That shop!  I want to go there.  I’ve been wanting to go there for so long!


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