Overruled – Adult Female – Comedy

“There you go, like all the rest of them!” from the play, “Overruled” Mrs. Lunn is confiding in Mr. Juno about how she has been constantly pursued by men and having them declare their love for her. Ideal for Adult Females ranging from 20-39. 1-2 Mins.

Written By: George Bernard Shaw


There you go, like all the rest of them! I ask you, how do you expect a woman to keep up what you call her sensibility when this sort of thing has happened to her about three times a week ever since she was seventeen? It used to upset me and terrify me at first. Then I got rather a taste for it. It came to a climax with Gregory: that was why I married him. Then it became a mild lark, hardly worth the trouble. After that I found it valuable once or twice as a spinal tonic when I was run down; but now it’s an unmitigated bore. I don’t mind your declaration: I daresay it gives you a certain pleasure to make it. I quite understand that you adore me; but (if you don’t mind) I’d rather you didn’t keep on saying so.

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