Apocalypse Now – Adult Males – Dramatic

“How about a drink?” from the film “Apocalypse.” A captain and Willaird converse in a bar in Saigon. It turns out the captain is with the agency, and Willaird has no choice but to go on the mission. Ideal for Adult Males in their 40s-50s. 1-2 Mins.

Written By: John Milius and Francis Ford Coppola


Not much in this place — a bar, linoleum flooring, a few

tables and chairs, and a juke box. The lounge is fairly

crowded. Willard takes off his cap and walks quietly

past the soldiers at the bar. Some of them, catching

sight of his ribbons, stop talking as he moves by.

An INFANTRY CAPTAIN enters the bar, buys a couple of

drinks and approaches Willard’s table.


        How about a drink ?


        Sure, thanks.

He sits down at the table with the drinks.


        Winning the war by yourself.


            (he calls for the waiter)



        Which part is that ?


        My part.

            (TO THE WAITER)

        Beer, with ice and water.


        That’s good gin.


        I’m sure it is, but I had hepatitis.


        Delta ?




        North ?


        Yeah. Way north.


        What unit were you with ?




       Rangers, eh?


        Sort of.

The JUKE BOX starts BLARING. Annoyed , Willard looks over

his shoulder.


        Were you Longe Range Recon —


        No — I worked too far north for


He reaches into his shirt pocket for a cigarette, and the

Captain leans over the table to light it for him. Willard

notices the CIVILIAN on the street has glanced in the bar,

then enters and sits down at a table by the doorway.


        That’s quite an array of ribbons…


        Let’s talk about you.


        I was an FO for the 25th.


        Tracks ?




        Fat. That’s real fat.




        At least you always have enough

        water. How many gallons does

        each one of those damn things

        carry ?


        Thirty — sometimes fifty.


        You know, I can remember once,

        getting back below the DMZ — and

        the first Americans we ran into

        were a track squadron. I just

       couldn’t believe how much water

        they had. We’d been chewing

        bamboo shoots for almost a week,

        and before that, for two weeks,

        we’d been drinking anything —

        rain water, river shit, stuff

        right out of the paddies. And

        there were these guys standing

        by their trucks spilling water

        all over. I could’ve killed them.


        I swear to God I would have, too,

        if …


        I didn’t know we had units up

        there in North Vietnam.


        We do.


        How long were you up there ?


        A long time.


        A year ? Waiter another beer.


        I go up on missions. Listen

       Captain, buy me all the beer

        you want, but you better tell

        that asshole over there you’re

        not going to find out anymore

        about me.

Willard glances over his shoulder and indicates the

Civilian. The Civilian is given a sign by the Captain.

He rises and comes over to the bar.



        What do you want ?


            (indicating the Army jeep)

        If you’re B.L. Willard, 4th Recon

        Group, we’d like you to come with



        Whose orders ?


       Headquarters 11 Corps — 405th

        A.S.A Battalion — S-2 —

        Com-Sec — Intelligence —

        Nha Trang.


        Who are you ?


        The agency.

Willard looks at the Civilian a moment, and then walks

roght out toward the jeep without saying another word.

The Civilian follows.


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