“Paper Moon” – Adult Male 30s – Dramatic

“How’d you like to do a little business with me?” from the film “Paper Moon.” Moze asks Addie if she wants to go into business with him. Ideal for Adult Males in their 30s. 1-2 Mins.

Written By: Alvin Sargent


How’d you like to do a little business with me? Now, don’t get nervous, I’ll pay ya back. I’m just sayin’ while we’re headin’ East, maybe we could do a little business together, that’s all.  You’re lookin’ at me like I’m out to cheat ya or something’.  I’m just makin’ ya a business proposition, take it or leave it.  And turn off that radio! You like to drive us all deaf with that radio.

But I want ya to remember somethin’, you let me decide on the price.  Maybe you don’t know French, but there’s somethin’ in the world called “fine-ess.” (getting angrier) Twelve dollars.  I never sold no Bible for twelve dollars.  That man was a law officer. You coulda had me put in jail.

I don’t care if we got it.  Don’t you go makin’ no decisions.  I’ll make the decisions.  All you have t’do is look like a pretty, little girl. You, uh. . . ain’t got somethin’ like a ribbon in that cigar box, do you?


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