For All Time – Adult Female – Drama

“Am I terrible?” from the play, “For All Time” Nanette meets Diana, Maurice’s last love. Nanette finds out Diane’s history with Maurice, stating she would have found a way to break up the affair. Diane calls her a terrible old woman. Ideal for Adult Females ranging from 30-49. 1-2 Mins.

Written By: Rita Wellman


Am I terrible? I had to fight my way when I was your age—because I was not pretty. I had the choice of being a free drudge or some man’s slave. So I chose to toil alone. In order to get along alone I had to stifle every drop of humanity in my being. I had to bind up my human instincts as they bind up the breasts of mothers who flow too bounteously with life-blood long after their babes have need of it. I had to become sharp and bitter because sweetness and softness get crushed under in the battle to live. I learned to fight and I forgot to feel. Then, when I was used up and hard I met Madame le Bargy and she took me into her house because I had one valuable thing left. I had learned that it is wiser to be honest. I was there when Maurice was born.

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