AMERICAN HORROR STORY – Teen/Young Adult Male – Dramatic

AMERICAN HORROR STORY – Dandy talks with a detective. Dramatic Monologue for Teen/Young Adult Male Actors. 1 Min.

DANDY: My mother taught me the importance of decorum: offering an aperitif is the first duty of a gracious host.
Believe it or not, Regina and I grew up together. We were childhood best friends. Inseparable- until the summer I turned 9 and became aware of the difference in our stations.

But even though we’ve grown apart, I’ve never known Regina to lie. So if she says I killed them, then they must be dead. But what she didn’t tell you, Detective Colquitt, is the absolute conviction that I am going to get away with it.

The Mott family owns the biggest brands of frozen foods across America. You’d be surprised how much money can be made one block of spinach at a time. So, including this estate, and the house in Montauk, and the stocks and bonds held in trust from my grandfather, the fortune left to me could easily sustain a small country. But more importantly, I’ve been imbued with the light. I have seen the face of God and he is looking at me from the mirror. I can thing of nothing that can stop me now.

I have an idea. You dig a hole. For her. You work for me, and I will pay you one million dollars cash.

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