Here I stand, in the cradle of liberty – Adult Female – Drama

Ideal for adult females ranging from 18-49. 1 Min.

Here I stand, in the cradle of liberty, yet I find myself bound by the chains of those who claim to know better than I, what is best for me, for my body. They label us murderers, heartless, soulless, for making a choice that tears at the very fabric of our being. Do they think it’s easy? Do they think we make these decisions lightly? We are not ignorant to the weight of our choices. Yet, we find ourselves at the mercy of politicians, the very people we elect to protect our rights, stripping us of our autonomy. We are not asking for their approval, we are asking for our right to choose, to have control over our own bodies.

This isn’t just about abortion rights, this is about our fundamental human rights. Our right to choose, our right to have control over our own bodies. To be treated as equals, as human beings, not as vessels to be controlled and manipulated. (Fighting back tears) So here I stand, not just for myself, but for every woman who has ever felt powerless, voiceless. We will not be silenced, we will not back down. Our bodies, our choice.

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