“Peter Pan” – Teen Male – Dramatic

“Tink, where are you” from the play “Peter Pan.” Peter watches Wendy’s mom enter her room. Dramatic Monologue for Teen Male. 2 Min.

Written by: J.M. Barrie

PETER PAN: Tink, where are you? Quick, close the window. [It closes.] Bar it. [The bar slams down.] Now when Wendy comes she will think her mother has barred her out, and she will have to come back to me! [TINKER BELL sulks.] Now, Tink, you and I must go out by the door. [Doors, however, are confusing things to those who are used to windows, and he is puzzled when he finds this one does not open on the firmament. He tries the other, and sees the piano player.]

It is Wendy’s mother! [TINK pops on to his shoulder and they peep together.] She is a pretty lady, but not so pretty as my mother. [This is a pure guess.] She is making the box say ‘Come home, Wendy.’ You will never see Wendy again, lady, for the window is barred! [He flutters about the room joyously like a bird, but has to return to that door.] She has laid her head down on the box. There are two wet things sitting on her eyes. As soon as they go away another two come and sit on her eyes. [She is heard moaning ‘Wendy, Wendy, Wendy.’] She wants me to unbar the window. I won’t! She is awfully fond of Wendy. I am fond of her too. We can’t both have her, lady! [A funny feeling comes over him.] Come on, Tink; we don’t want any silly mothers.

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