“Ratatouille” – Teen/Young Adult Male – Dramedy

“I’m actually talking to a rat” From the Film “Ratatouille.” Linguini despairs about his job. Dramatic Monologue For Teen/Young Adult Male Actor. 1 Min.

Written by: Brad Bird, Kath Greenberg, Bob Peterson, and Emily Cook

LINGUINI: “Don’t look at me like that. You’re not the only one who’s trapped. They expect me to cook it again! I mean, I’m not ambitious. I wasn’t trying to cook. I was just trying to stay out of trouble. You’re the one who was getting fancy with the spices! What did you throw in there? Oregano? No? What? Rosemary? That’s a spice, isn’t it? Rosemary? You didn’t throw rosemary in there? Then what was all the flipping and all the throwing the…(he sits down) I need this job. I’ve lost so many. I don’t know how to cook and now I’m actually talking to a rat as if you…..hahaha! Did you nod? Have you been nodding? Ha! You understand me?…

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