“Ready Player One” – Teen Male – Dramatic

“This isn’t a game” From the Movie “Ready Player One.” Art3mis speaks about living inside an illusion. Dramatic Monologue For Teen Male Actor. 1 Min.

Written By: Ernest Cline

Art3mis: “This isn’t a game, Z. I’m doing this to stop IOI. I’m talking about real-world consequences. People suffering. Actual life-and-death stuff. No, you don’t know! My dad in a loyalty center. He borrowed gear. He built debt. He moved in with the promise of working it off, but he never did. IOI just raised his living expenses, then he got sick and he couldn’t afford to get out. And then he died! No, you don’t live in the real world, Z. From what you have told me I don’t think you ever have. You live inside this…illusion, and I can’t afford to let you distract me.”

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