Ally McBeal – Adult Females – Comedic

“Excuse me I was taking those.” from the TV show, “Ally McBeal.” Ally and a woman in the supermarket have a humorous argument about who deserves the Pringles. Ideal for Adult Females ranging from 25-30. 1-2 Mins.

Written By: David E. Kelley


Barbara:           Excuse me I was taking those


Ally:                You Put them back.


Barbara:           No I put them Down. I still getting them.


Ally:                Well, um, I don';t mean to be difficult but if you were getting them why didn’t

you put them in your cart instead of back on the shelf?


Barbara:           Look, people pick items up, them put them down they pick them back up again, its

part of shopping, deciding what to buy. Wether to buy. I was still in the throws of

deciding whether I wanted to buy when you just swooped in…

Ally:                Swooped in?


Barbara:           Look, I don’t want to be a trouble maker but these other pringles are the ridged ones.

And I have trouble with ridges.


Ally:                Ma’am, after you put the down, on the shelf, you picked up Ruffles. Ruffles have

ridges. Now why would you enter into the throws of considering ruffles if you have

problems with ridges?


Barbara:           What are you, a lawyer?


Ally:                Sir, Sir, you saw her put these back didn’t you?


Barbara:           Awww, isn’t that rich, playing the sex card.


Ally:                I beg your pardon?


Barbara:           You think he’s just automatically going to side with you because you look how you

look and I look how I look. These are my pringles.


Ally:                Did you see that?


Clerk:              I don’t get involved in product disputes.


Ally:                Fine, you can have the pringles, but lets be honest here. You decided not the buy them

and when you saw that I wanted them you decided that you wanted them back.


Barbara:           You pissy little thing, pushing your cart and your calvin klien outfit. You probably

only chose those chips cause I left them on the edge and you wouldn’t have to

Pop a Pore to reach them!


Ally:                Why are you being so mean? Is it because you look how you look?


Barbara:           I won’t even dignify that, I’ve got the pringles.


Ally trips Barbara. She falls into a tower of cans and they all collapse down.

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