The Flutter of the Goldleaf – Adult Male – Drama

“I will work—work—work!” from the play, ” The Flutter of the Goldleaf” Philo stays in his workspace to keep his mind busy. Ideal for adult males ranging from 20-39. 1-2 Mins.

Written By:  Olive Tilford & Frederick Peterson


I will work—work—work! Not a voice to help me—not a smile of hope—not a touch of sympathy. … Perhaps the time is not ripe for larger knowledge. Nature and the Divinity that guides her must protect their new evolving creatures. A too sudden revelation and they might perish from sheer wonder…. Yes, truth must come softened, as a dream, to the man child’s brain. Its naked light would sere and blind him forever…. But to me it has been given to see—to hear—and keep sane in the light. Oh, from what planet is the call? From what one of the hundred million spheres? How many centuries has it been sent outward to the deaf, the dumb, and the blind? And what is the word? Is it Hail? Help? Hope?… Or is it an answer? An answer to some signal of mine? How shall I know?… How shall I know?

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