Ever Young – Adult Female – Drama

“Agnes, you have kept your health living on your estate in Long Island” from the play, “Ever Young” Mrs. Payne-Dexter discusses how everyone is telling her she is getting old, but she doesn’t feel it. Ideal for adult females ranging from 60-69. 1 Min.

Written By: Alice Gerstenberg


Agnes, you have kept your health living on your estate in Long Island, but you have watched the inevitable drying up of flowers and leaves in autumn and you have followed what seems to you the inevitable progress of autumn into winter–well, my hair may be white as snow, but my blood is still red! The doctors are my worst enemies. They tell me I must not eat this, I must not do that. They tell me I am getting old, that I must rest. I do not wish to rest, I simply won’t grow old. When one has been a leader, one can not let younger women usurp one’s position. I still have it because I will have it, because I will not let it go, but I have to strive harder for it every year, every year I must grow more imperious, more dominating, more terrorizing to hold supremacy over this new independent generation. There is that little presumptuous May Whigham. She is eighteen and so rude I should like to spank her.

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