The Notebook – Adult Males – Dramatic

“Allie, they’re not crazy” from the film, “The Notebook”. Noah tells Allie that her parents are right and they can’t be together anymore. Ideal for Adult Males in their 20s. 1 Min.

Written By: Jeremy Leven


Allie, they’re not crazy. They’re right. And you shouldn’t talk to them like that. I don’t have a mother, but if I did, I would never speak to her the way you did. It’s not going to work out, Allie. You and me. You’re seventeen years old. You’ve got a million things to do. You’ve got school and a big future ahead of you. I’d just be getting in the way. We’re different, Allie. All my dreams are here. What am I supposed to do, follow you to New York? Sneak around, spent time with you on weekends? Hope no one sees us and tells your parents? I know we love each other, but your parents are right. It’s not enough. Let’s just finish the summer and say goodbye.


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