Three Kings – Adult Male – Dramatic

“Shot him in the neck, didn’t you?” from the film “Three Kings.” Archie tries to tell the members of his team what it’s like to get shot. Ideal for Adult Males ranging from 30-50. 1 Min.

Written By: John Ridley


Shot him in the neck, didn’t you? Do you know anything about gunshot wounds? (They look at him.) What makes any gunshot wound bad, provided you survive the bullet, is something called sepsis. Say a bullet tears into you right now – It creates a cavity of dead tissue, the cavity fills up with bile and bacteria and you’re fucked.

Then you got the kind of wound that paralyzes or castrates or has a scary name like tension pneumo thorax.  That’s when a bullet pierces your lung, so every time you breathe, air leaks into your chest cavity, and it fills up like a balloon, crushing your heart, your liver, your lung.  Your own breathing kills you, one breath at a time. But we’re going to do this without firing any bullets.  And just to be sure, we’re gonna do a dry run, so put your suits on.



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