Never Let Me Go – Young Adult Male – Dramatic

“Chrissie and Rod are pretty obsessed with this rumor, aren’t they?” from the film “Never Let Me Go.” In this scene, Tommy comes up with a scheme to save their lives. Ideal for Young Adult Males in their 20s. 1-2 Mins.

Written By: Alex Garland


Chrissie and Rod are pretty obsessed with this rumor, aren’t they? I was thinking that if this rumor was true, it might explain quite a lot. Well – the Gallery for instance.  We never got to the bottom of it, what the Gallery was for.

Pictures, poetry, sculptures. It tells you something about yourself.  That’s the point about art, isn’t it?  It says what’s inside you.  Your soul. (beat) So suppose that the rumor is true.  A special arrangement has been made for Hailsham students. If they’re in love.  There would have to be a way to judge if couples are telling the truth, and not just lying to put off their donations.

Well that’s what the Gallery would be for.  In the Gallery, they can find out everything about us that they need to know. So if we say we’re in love, they can look into our souls, and they’ll know if it’s real love, or just a lie.



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