HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL JR. – Kid/Teen Female – Comedic

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL JR. – Ms. Darbus leads the class. Comedic Monologue for Kid/Teen Female. 1 Min.

Ms Darbus: Well, once again, they forgot to announce the auditions for the winter musical, Juliet and Romeo, written by our very own Kelsi Nielson. It’s a delicious, neo-feminist adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of star-crossed lovers… with a brand new happy ending.

(CHAD leads the jocks in a round of dry raspberries) Mr. Danforth, this is a place of learning, not a football diamond.

This year, as always, the Drama Club faces a shortage of male participants, so please come in and audition. I’m offering you fun, glamour… and extra credit!

(A cell phone stars a wild musical ring. At the first ring, RYAN and SHARPAY pulls out their cell phones.)

Ah, the dreaded cell phone symphony! Sharpay and Ryan Evans, your phones please, and I’ll see you in detention. We have zero tolerance for cell phones during class. Phone, please…and welcome to East High, Ms. Montez.

(notices TROY’s phone) Mr. Bolton, I see your phone is involved. Splendid. We’ll see you in detention as well.

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