THE SANDLOT – Male Kid – Comedic

“You’re full of crap.” from the film “THE SANDLOT” – A new kid in town is taken under the wing of a young baseball prodigy and his team in this coming of age movie set in the summer of 1962. Together, they get themselves into many adventures involving rival teams, lifeguards, and a vicious dog. Comedic Monologue For Male Kid. 1 Min.


I knew it.  You’re all full of crap. George Herman Ruth got his nickname because his mom died when he was just a little kid, and he hadda go live in an orphanage. (Silence.  None of the other guys has heard this before.) Nobody liked him there.  The bigger guys picked on him all the time.  And when they messed with him he couldn’t fight back, ’cause he was just… like scared.  So when they messed with him, he cried about it. (beat) He cried… so they called him The Babe. (This hits home real good.) How ya think that kid just felt?

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