SOUND OF MUSIC – Young Adult Female – Dramatic

SOUND OF MUSIC – Maria tells Captain Von Trapp how to show love to his children. Dramatic Monologue for Young Adult Female. 1 Min.

MARIA: (to Captain Von Trapp) I know you don’t know your children, but you’ve got to. Take Liesl – Liesl isn’t a child any more. And if you keep treating her as one, Captain, you’re going to have a mutiny on your hands. And Friedrich- Friedrich’s afraid to be himself- he’s shy- he’s aloof, Friedrich needs you- he needs your confidence- Brigitta could tell you about him. She could tell you a lot more if you got to know her, because she notices things. And she always tells the truth-especially when you don’t want to hear it. Kurt-is sensitive-he’s easily hurt-and you ignore him-you brush him aside the way you do all of them. (The CAPTAIN starts to leave.) I haven ‘t finished yet! Louisa-wants to have a good time. You’ve just got to let her have a good time. Marta-I don’t know about yet but someone has to find out about her. And little Gretl -just wants to be loved-Oh, please, Captain, love Gretl, love all of them. They need you.

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