SOUND OF MUSIC – Adult Male – Dramatic

SOUND OF MUSIC – Captain Von Trapp meets Maria. Dramatic Monologue for Adult Male. 1 Min.

CAPTAIN VON TRAPP: (to Maria, first meeting) I’m Captain von Trapp. You are Fraulein Maria? Now, Fraulein, as to your duties here. You will be in charge of my children. There are seven of them. You will find out how far they have progressed in their studies and carry on from there. Each morning will be spent in the classroom. Each afternoon, they march. You will see that at all times they conduct themselves with decorum and orderliness. The first rule in this house is discipline. Children, this is your new fraulein – Fraulein Maria. As I sound your signal you will step forward and repeat your name. You, Fraulein, will listen and learn their signals so that you can call them when you want them.

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