Taming of the Shrew – Adult Female – Comedy

“No shame but mine:” from the play, “Taming of the Shrew” Katharina believes that she was stood up at her own wedding and begins to chide herself for foolishly believing Petruchio really wanted to marry her. Ideal for adult females ranging from 20-39. 1-2 Mins.

Written By: William Shakespeare


No shame but mine: I must, forsooth, be forced
To give my hand opposed against my heart
Unto a mad-brain rudesby full of spleen;
Who woo’d in haste and means to wed at leisure.
I told you, I, he was a frantic fool,
Hiding his bitter jests in blunt behavior:
And, to be noted for a merry man,
He’ll woo a thousand, ‘point the day of marriage,
Make feasts, invite friends, and proclaim the banns;
Yet never means to wed where he hath woo’d.
Now must the world point at poor Katharina,
And say, ‘Lo, there is mad Petruchio’s wife,
If it would please him come and marry her!’

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