DROP DEAD JULIET – Teen Male – Comedic

DROP DEAD JULIET – Mercutio talks about Queen Mab. Comedic Monologue for Teen Male. 1 Min.

Mercutio: That queen Mab came me by. She is the fairies’ midwife, and she comes In shape no bigger than an agate stone. In the international Pancake House we sat but it wasn’t th’Pancake House, you know what dreams are like, and then she said, Mercutio why dost thou waste thy time with Romeo? When thous couldstbe abroad with me a-leap tickling a parson’s nose as he lies asleep and then I realiz’d I wore but drawers having no wit to put my clothes upon, All look’d at me from o’er their plates and laughed and then my elbow knock’d upon the syrup, and there was blueberry syrup all over the table, and the waitress came over, only it wasn’t the waitress, it was Sir Francis Drake, dressed as a waitress.

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