The Straw – Adult Female – Drama

“She saw that you didn’t love her” from the play, “The Straw” As the nurse on the floor, Miss Gilpin deals with the end moments of a person’s life. Eileen had her heart broken by Stephen, who has come back to visit. Miss Gilpen advises Stephen that Eileen never forgot her love for him. Ideal for adult females ranging from 40-59. 1-2 Mins.

Written By: Eugene O’Neill


She saw that you didn’t love her- any more than you did in the days before you left. Oh, I used to watch you then. I sensed what was going on between you. I would have stopped it then out of pity for her, if I could have, if I didn’t know that any interference would only make matters worse. And then I thought that it might be only a surface affair- that after you were gone it would end for her. You’ll have to forgive me for speaking to you so boldly on a delicate subject. But, don’t you see, it’s for her sake. I love Eileen. We all do. I know how Eileen feels, Mr. Murray. Once- a long time ago- I suffered as she is suffering- from this same mistake. But I had resources to fall back upon that Eileen hasn’t got- a family who loved me and understood- friends- so I pulled through. But it spoiled my life for a long time. So I feel that perhaps I have a right to speak for Eileen who has no one else.

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