Pictures – Adult Male – Drama

“Discouraging? It’s immoral!” from the play, “Pictures” Joe vents his frustration regarding the art people are taught to admire and praise. Ideal for adult males ranging from 20-39. 1-2 Mins.

Written By: Horace Holley


Discouraging? It’s immoral!

Oh, these smug people who have been taught what to admire! These unborn souls who want to shut us all up in the dark! I suppose he went away thinking I put myself up higher than Raphael.

Who are we painting for? They don’t want it—wouldn’t take it for a gift. And here we are, a poor little group, standing amazed before the glory of the sun, and painting it—for the blind!

Some day—yes, when the life has oozed out of all our bright canvasses, when only the “rules” are left. And we won’t be able to rise from our graves and curse them!

I guess I let you in for a hard time, Silvia. I wish sometimes I could really paint the kind of thing that goes with stupid people’s dining rooms.

They with their Long Island Louvres!

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