FREAKY FRIDAY – Teen Female – Dramatic

“Make a little room” from the film “Freaky Friday” – Anna raises a toast commemorating her late dad and welcoming her new stepfather. Dramatic Monologue For Teen Female Actor. 1-2 Min.

Written by Heather Hatch & Leslie Dixon


ANNA: Uh, hi. Um, I, I guess I’m gonna start the toasts. So, three years ago, we had a really bad thing happen in our family. We lost a father and a husband, and I didn’t think we’d ever be able to get over it. But then… this guy next to me came into the picture. And everybody could see I was happy again. I was singing in the shower again. Not well, I might add.

But I was still really worried about my kids, Anna and Harry. Whether they’d be able to accept a new man in their life. And now I know how Anna feels. And, and what she feels is that…no one could ever take the place of her dad…because he was a really, really great dad.

But somebody could be part of a new family. Its own kind of cool, new, little unit. And that for someone as special as Ryan, that we would all just make a little room. Anna really wanted her mom to know that.

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