SINGING IN THE RAIN JR – Teen Female – Comedic

SINGING IN THE RAIN JR – Kathy mistakes movie star Don Lockwood for a criminal. Comedic Monologue for Teen Female. 1 Min.

Kathy: Leave me alone. You’re a criminal. I’ve seen that face someplace. You’re a famous gangster. I’ve seen your pictures in the papers — or in the post office, with a lot of numbers on your chest. (Takes a closer look)

Wait a minute… Your Don Lockwood (hides excitement) Uh-Mr. Lockwood–I can’t tell you how sorry I was about taking you for a criminal before — but it was understandable under the circumstances. I knew I’d seen you even though I don’t watch your movies. Oh, no offense. But you see, I’m not interested in the movies. I guess it’s entertaining enough for the masses, but the personalities on the screen don’t impress me; I mean, they don’t act — they just make a lot of numb show… Acting means great parts, wonderful lines speaking those glorious words…Shakespeare, Ibsen…Well, I am an actress.

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