Mystic Pizza – Adult Females – Comedic

“Hey I’m sorry I didn’t show up.” from the film “Mystic Pizza.” Kat is late and Daisy is pissed. The sisters argue. Ideal for Adult Females in their 20s-30s. 1 Min.

Written By: Amy Holden Jones


Kat: Hi Dais’.  Hey I’m sorry I didn’t show up.  I said I’m sorry. Why are you being such a bitch about it?

Daisy: Right. I’m a bitch and you’re an angel, no matter what happens. It should have been stamped on our birth certificates.

K: What the hell is the big deal?  You unload shifts on me all the time.

D: Well you knew I was supposed to meet Charlie’s parents tonight.

K: Dais’ I’m sorry. I forgot.

D: Tim needed you, right?  Just what the hell do you two do together, anyway?  That’s what I’d like to know.

K: Well if I told you it would sound stupid.

D: It would sound pathetic.  Daddy boffing the babysitter is a really old story.  It happens all the time.

K: We talk, we read, we listen to Mozart sometimes.

D: You really believe this thirty year old guy is gonna leave his wife and live happily ever after with you? You’re living in a fucking romance novel Kat.

K: Oh yeah, “boffing, fucking, screwing.” The great Daisy, nobody’s fool. Why don’t you start taking cash for your services? It would be more honest.

D: Wipe your conscience

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