INTO THE WOODS JR – Kid Male – Dramatic

INTO THE WOODS JR – Wolf talks about finding Red. Dramatic Monologue for Kid Male. 1 Min.

WOLF: So today I walked around trying once again to find something to eat. And to my surprise a girl came walking through the woods with her red hood and basket, which seemed to have an intoxicating aroma. So I decided to chat with her before I ate her. “Hello there.” , “Oh hello.” said Little Red. “I am just going to bring these cookies to my dear old grandma.” “Well isn’t that nice, how sweet of you. And where does your grandma live may I ask, you’re going on quite a trip just to bring her cookies?” “Well my grandma is sick and she needs these cookies to feel better, “I’ll leave you to it then, don’t want to keep her waiting now.” I thought “what a dumb little girl today I’m going to have a feast. I better hurry if I want to reach grandma’s house before her.”

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