“The Notebook” – Late Teens/ Early 20s Female – Dramatic

“You’re not going to tell me who I have to love” from the film “The Notebook” – Allie argues with her parents about Noah. Dramatic Monologue ideal for Late Teens/ Early 20s Female Actresses. 1-2 Min.

Written by Jeremy Levin

ALLIE: Low class? Don’t you ever call him low class. He may not have any money, but he’s got more class than you and you and all of your stupid society friends put together! It’s not final for me. You can tell me how I have to dress, and what schools and social events I have to attend. (shouting, near tears) But you’re not going to tell me who I have to love! I know. He’s not what you want for me. He doesn’t fit. He doesn’t have any money or status, but I don’t care. Because he has a soul. And I love him from the tips of my toes with everything I have. He makes me prickle.

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