MEAN GIRLS THE MUSICAL – Late Teens/Early 20s Female – Comedic

MEAN GIRLS THE MUSICAL – As Regina recovers in the hospital, she tries to tell Cady why she was so mean. Comedic Monologue ideal for Late Teens/ Early 20s Female Actors. 1-2 Min.

REGINA: I’m going to forgive you. Because I’m on a lot of pain medication right now.  You know I died for fifteen seconds, right? Spoiler alert: heaven looks like a really nice hotel in Miami. When I woke up in the street, all I could see was my mom’s face and Gretchen’s big face looking down at me. And they looked so surprised. Not even sad, just like, surprised that I could be bleeding. Like they forgot I was a human person. I’ve actually been a human person this whole time. I know I was harsh. And people say I’m a bitch. But you know what they would call me if I was a boy? “Reginald”. That’s what my mom was gonna name me if I was a boy, so honestly I’d rather be “bitch”.

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