Bull Durham – Adult Males – Comedic

“Sorry about last night.” from the film “Bull Durham.” Nuke and Crash have one last chat in the locker room before Nuke goes up to the majors. Ideal for Adult Males in their 20s-30s. 1-2 Mins.

Written By: Ron Shelton


NUKE CLEANS OUT HIS LOCKER — Filling his travel bag.

               Crash sits on a stool next to him. Sober.


                                Sorry about last night.


                                Forget it.


                                I have been known, on occasion,

                                to howl at the moon.  D’you

                                understand that?




                                You will.


                                Look, Nuke–these Big League

                                hitters are gonna light you up

                                like a pin ball machine for awhile–

                                don’t worry about it.  Be cocky

                                and arrogant even when you’re

                                getting beat.  That’s the secret.


                                You gotta play this game with

                                fear and arrogance.


                                Fear and ignorance.



                                No.  Fear and arrogance, you,

                                hayseed, not ignorance!


                                        (smiles calmly)

                               I know.  I just like to see you

                                get all worked up.

               Crash calms down.  Sighs.  Nuke nods and picks up his bags.


                                        (knows it’s not true)

                                Well, I got Annie all warmed up

                                for ya…

                                        (knows it is true)

                                She’s just waiting for you to

                                show up, y’know…


                                I don’t need a crazy woman in my



                                Maybe you do.

                                        (quick beat)

                                Y’know I’m starting to like this

                               game–baseball’s a helluva good

                                way to make a living.

               Crash speaks with quiet passion, from his soul.


                                It’s the best, Nuke…the absolute

                               fucking best.


                                Yeah, thanks for everything.

               They shake hands, and Nuke heads out the door.



                                        (Nuke stops)

                                Good luck.


                                You too…Meat.

                Nuke smiles.  A little arrogance and fear.

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