Blow – Adult Males – Dramatic

“Welcome my friend is been a long time.” from the film “Blow.” George confronts his old friend and partner Diego, who has stolen his most important drug trafficking connection. Ideal for Adult Males ranging from 30s-40s. 1-2 Mins. 

Written By: David McKenna & Nick Cassavetes



Welcome my friend is been a long time.



Don’t touch me.



George, I am happy to see you.  How are

you, my brother?



No more brothers, Diego.



Why do you say that?   You hurt me,

George. Of course we are brothers.



You fucked me, Diego.



I did not.



You went behind my back and you cut me

out. You fucked me.



No, I never.  I would not do that,

George.  Never.



I talked to Derek.


There is a pause.  Diego’s goons ready their weapons as Diego

scoops up a cringer with his pinky and sniffs.



Well, maybe you are right. Maybe I did betray you a

little bit.


One of the men says something in Spanish and everyone laughs.

George is furious.  He starts to tremble and his face turns




Yeah, Yeah.  So sad, George.

I stole your California connection.  So

what?  Who introduced you to Pablo

Escobar?  Me.  Who introduced you to

your fucking Colombian wife?  Me.  Who

protected you when my friend Cesar Roza

wanted to slice your fucking throat,

huh?  Who mad you make millions and millions

of dollars?  Me.  And what do I get in

return?  This?  Accusations? I have

always given you everything, George, always, but

that is over now.  This is my operation.

My dream.  So go home, George.  Go back

to your stupid little life.  You can

sell half grams to your fucking

relatives for all I care.  Because you

are out!


George reaches the gun from his back and reveals it by

placing it in Diego’s forehead.



Because You are out! And don’t be so

emotional George, we’re brother.

We are brothers .


George shoots his gun it is not loaded he then points it at

his own forehead and shoots as well.



Next time it’s fucking loaded.


They lead him away.

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