Rare Birds – Teen Male – Drama/Comedy

“Hi Jenny. Here’s a video just for you.” From the play ‘Rare Birds.’ Evan tries to summon the courage to talk to Jenny, the girl he has a massive crush on who’s Locker is next to his own. Ideal for males, 15-18 – 1-2 Minutes.

By: Adam Szymkowicz


Hi Jenny. Here’s a video just for you. A sexy video. I’m . . . not wearing any underwear. No. (He stops taping. Starts over.) Hi Jenny. (Blows her a kiss.) No. (Stops tape, starts over.) Let’s do this. Hi Jenny. (He takes off his shirt.) There. That’s better. Nobody gets to see me like this except in the gym locker room. No.

(Stops tape. Takes off the rest of his clothes. Starts over. The video just shows him from the waist up.) If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this. This is me. All of me. I’m not holding anything back, Jenny. I will show you my soul. Because I feel like you have shown me yours and it’s beautiful. You know, I like birds because they float above us without effort. You’re like that too, Jenny. I wrote you this poem. Okay, yeah. I’m just going to read it. (Reads from paper)

Jenny Monroe
when you move
all the world stops
to watch you sail past
a vision in a tanktop and jeans
and where you stop
everyone fumbles with their hands
and their hearts and nervous systems go into shock
and when your eyes fall on us lucky few
we feel the blessing of your gaze
but it’s like we’re standing in front of the whole school
and everyone is waiting for us to fall over
You make me fall over
twenty times a day
I love you


Link to full play here: https://www.dramatists.com/cgi-bin/db/single.asp?key=5678

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