The First and Last – Adult Male – Drama

“It’s like this, Keith” from the play, “The First and Last” Larry arrives surprising Keith with his confession of murder. Ideal for adult males ranging from 30-49. 1-2 Mins.

Written By: John Galsworthy


It’s like this, Keith—there’s a girl—A Polish girl. She—her father died over here when she was sixteen, and left her all alone. There was a mongrel living in the same house who married her—or pretended to. She’s very pretty, Keith. He left her with a baby coming. She lost it, and nearly starved. Then another fellow took her on, and she lived with him two years, till that brute turned up again and made her go back to him. He used to beat her black and blue. He’d left her again when—I met her. She was taking anybody thenI never met a sweeter woman, or a truer, that I swear. Woman! She’s only twenty now! When I went to her last night, that devil had found her out again. He came for me—a bullying, great, hulking brute. Look! I took his ugly throat, and when I let go –

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